As I told you in my last post, my main reason for publishing this blog is to help you look better if you want to look better. I would really like to inspire you. HOWEVER—

yesterday I decided to take some photos to show how to make a plain outfit look better with accessories. Great idea, and I will try again another day. But for that purpose, the photos I took did not do that. When I looked at the pictures, I realized that everything looked BLAH.

The outfits looked blah, my hair looked blah, the lighting was blah. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

When I sat down to edit the pictures and write the post, I just started feeling BLAH. How could these photos possibly inspire anyone?? It’s not that I couldn’t go out of the house wearing these clothes, it’s just that they were not out of the ordinary in any way, and were not particularly flattering.

Here is what I thought when I saw them:

I gained weight over the holidays, I need a haircut, something is wrong with my camera (true–see the line across my head), indoor shots look terrible, etc. etc. etc. 

I was going to delete all the photos and start over, but since I long ago lost any reluctance to show you bad pictures, I decided instead to publish the pictures, analyze them, and learn from them; that way you can learn along with me. You might not be inspired by a picture of a cute outfit, but you might learn some things NOT to do when trying to put one together.

I know this is very similar to the post I did called LOSERS.  I should have read that one again before I put my outfits together! Sometimes I am a slow learner.

Here goes:

What can I say? Bad, bad, bad. The color of this top is hideous, and the clingy shape and length “helps” to emphasize my chunky look.  HA Not what I was going for!

A little better, but the color is still ugly. I did tuck the shirt in and wear a belt after this, (sorry no photo) which helped, but it is still pretty blah.

Okay, WHY WHY WHY did I not take my own advice??? I had said I was NOT going to wear leggings with a tunic unless it was long. I look like I forgot to put pants on.

Same. Changing out the scarf for a necklace did not help. 😉  (This is why you take pictures. In the mirror, the tunic looked long enough.)

At least the red scarf draws attention to the top of the outfit, but I still look like I forgot my pants. And I OBVIOUSLY have no waist at all! Very true, but I try not to emphasize that.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you learned something. I hope I learned something!

9 thoughts on “BLAH BLAH BLAH”

  1. Thanks, Nancy! Glad I made you laugh. I really don’t want to take myself too seriously as a “fashion guru.” Not much chance of that. 😉

  2. I would much rather read about your “mistakes” than just about any other blogs. I’m a huge fashion disaster and someday hope to screw up the courage to start taking pictures and making improvements! Thanks for keeping it honest!

  3. Paula, your comment made my day. I am sure you are not a fashion disaster. Even if you are not up for taking pictures yet, just take a day and try on a bunch of things from your closet, and try to be creative. That’s how I started. By doing that, I discovered some more flattering looks. And some of the things I tried on were the opposite of what I normally wore or thought looked good; for instance, I had always thought I looked nice in short jackets. Wrong! Baby steps are great. You will feel victorious if you find even one outfit!

  4. So, Susan, you’re being too hard on yourself. They’re not the best outfits and I totally agree about a longer tunic, but they’re not bad. Isn’t it funny, once you start doing a blog, your outfits just can’t be average, they have to be fabulous? And really we all learn the most when we make mistakes so thanks for the teaching moments!


    1. All true. In past years, these probably would have been some of my best outfits. LOL And I learned so much from your last post. You and your readers had so many good comments about WHY one thing looked better than the other.

  5. Hi am new to your blog,I like it very much, I love how the red scarf brings the outfit out, you must be an autumn colour person.

  6. Welcome, Pauline! Thank you. Not sure about what season of color I am, I just know that the bright saturated colors always look best. 🙂

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