Hello! I am back after my extended break for holiday and family time. Because of all the extra activities and extra people in my house, I have not thought very much about fashion and clothing in the past few weeks; in fact, when I was keeping three of my grandchildren this week, I wore my pajamas for almost an entire day!

During the holidays, I was so thankful that I had outfits already put together. All I had to do to find something to wear was look at photos, which was great because I did not have a lot of time to experiment.

That brings me to the topic that I want to write about today. WHY?

Why in the world would I ever even think about writing a blog, especially about fashion? Why would I add so many blog-related things to my to-do list when it is already pretty long? Why would I put my thoughts, feelings, and photos on the internet?

If you are a regular reader, or if you have read my About Me page, I hope you have figured out that my “why” is because I really want to help people who want to look better, to look better. I say that because some people, (seems like a lot of people) really do not seem to have any interest in looking better. Fine. I am not trying to convert anyone!

But there are people who really would like to look more stylish and put-together, and have no idea where to start, or are afraid to break out of their fashion rut. You are my people! I have been where you are! Maybe I am a only little farther down the road, but I truly hope that you can learn from my “victories” and my mistakes.

Maybe you have been raising families for many years, and have never taken time for yourself. Maybe you think you are too old, or too overweight, or too short, or too poor, or have no “fashion sense.”

Well, I can pretty much guarantee that I am older than most of you, I struggle with my weight, I am short, I have been poor, and my “fashion sense” has come from a lot of reading blogs and magazines, and watching television.

But I know that as a woman, I am so much happier and more confident when I feel like I look nice. I just want the same for you! 🙂

And I really do find most of my clothing for $20 or less. I don’t always tell you where I purchased an item or how much I paid for it, because truthfully, a lot of my clothing comes from clearance racks, and most likely would not available online.

Unlike many other blogs, I do not include a lot of links for you to click on. Yes, bloggers can make money by including links and by advertising, but that is not really my focus. I do not want to be a salesperson. I want to help people look better!

Since I have not yet had time to take any new pictures (okay, full disclosure…I have taken some, but they are terrible) I will leave you with some “before and after” flashbacks from 2016.

Thanks so much for reading, and for coming with me on this journey!

DSC_0016 (319x640)
DSC_0106 (261x640)


Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes
DSC_0530 (322x640)
DSC_0102 (255x640)

32 thoughts on “WHY”

  1. Hi Susan
    Glad you are back with wonderful ideas. I really struggle putting outfits together so this blog is so helpful. Maybe you could do something on accessories that would be really helpful. I really think the right accessories can change an outfit. Thank you again!

  2. Hi Susan
    Thanks for posting the before and after pictures! I would say you look about 20 pounds thinner in the after photos. I have a similar body shape and have always stayed away from belts. The proof is in your photos – wearing a belt and cardigan can whittle the silhouette!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I know what you mean. I NEVER wore belts. But one day when I was experimenting, I found out that they can give the illusion of a waist, if they are covered by a sweater or jacket. It’s all about fooling the eye. 😉

  3. Hello Susan,

    I am definitely one of “your people”. I am 67 years old and striving to look my best each day. I do not care to shop because I never seem to find anything appropriate for me and then get discouraged in the process. You seem to be able to put outfits together so well. Thank you for taking your time to teach those of us who are struggling to get it all together.

    1. Glad to hear from one of “my people” Joanne! Shopping can be overwhelming. I would suggest going to a large store with a lot of selection when you are not in a hurry, and just trying on a lot of stuff….even things you wouldn’t normally try. Don’t leave that store–just try on a bunch of things until you get a feel for what looks good and what doesn’t. Even if you don’t find exactly the right thing, you will have an idea of what flatters you. And don’t worry about the size. If you need to go up a size or two, just do it. No one is going to look at the tag! Also not a bad idea to take some selfies in the mirror so you can study when you get home.

  4. I’m glad you are back! I kept checking too and totally understand how busy the holidays can be. Looking at your before and after pictures, besides your clothing, your haircut has really changed. Did that spur you to change your fashion or did you change your haircut at the same time? I think a blog post about how you found a haircut would be really beneficial b/c that really updates your look. Happy 2017!


    1. Hi Julia!
      Glad to be back. Believe it or not, my haircut has not changed. Just looks a lot better when it is washed and combed, I guess. 😉
      I do think hair is one of the most important parts of a total look. It took me a while to find this style, and I will probably keep it for awhile. I found it several years ago by experimenting with a virtual hairstyle site online. Very helpful!

  5. I really like the black pants and blazer with the purple top! Also the black polka dot dress looks so much nicer in your after picture.

  6. Welcome back! We have missed you!! I have incorporated your belt and cardigan duo to many of my dresses. BTW — I subscribe to 3 of you fashion bloggers. The one thing I’ve noticed is that besides your amazing fashion sense, you all have fabulous HAIR! I agree with Julia’s comment above — How did you find your hair?!?!? I turned 60 (gulp) in 2016 and I still have long unruly brunette hair. My hair stylist says I need the length to keep my hair from curling/frizzing up. Plus, I spend much of my day with my hair pulled back in something — a claw, a rubber band, a pencil, etc. Any hair advise would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Terrie,
      As I told Julia, I used a virtual hairstyle site to find a style that suited me. I did a couple of posts about hair last year. Here is the first one:

      And this one shows some of the styles I tried on:

      By the way, if Julia’s is not one of the blogs you subscribe to, I highly recommend it. Be sure to read her story.

  7. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only one struggling with how I look later in life. I’m still trying to find my ‘style’ after many decades being ‘just mum’. Your before and after photos are inspiring.

  8. I am amazed at what a huge difference a few little details can make. You look both thinner and younger in your “after” photos. I always enjoy seeing how you put your outfits together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I clicked on your blog from Shelbee on the Edge’s link up. I think I am going to like your blog, so I will be subscribing. I am of a similar opinion to yours. I shop the clearance racks and at thrift stores and try to put together interesting outfits from what I already have. If you would have asked me 10 years ago would I be a fashion blogger, I would have laughed and said, “What? Are you crazy?” But here we are and yes I am a grandma too. Best thing ever. Looking forward to seeing more from you. – Amy

  10. Hi Susan – loving your blog and your joie de vivre.

    I’ve always advocated that you don’t need to spend lots of money to look good but you’re showing it to perfection!

    No doubt that understanding a little about your body shape and the colors that suit you will certainly help and I think good grooming plays a major role. An inexpensive outfit can look a million dollars with a little care.

    Thanks for the inspiration – Pamela

    1. Many thanks, Pamela. I have learned a lot about how to dress my body shape…mostly by taking pictures and analyzing. And I love to look for bargains. 😉

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