JEANS FIVE: Brown Belt

This is the last post in the series of how I styled my new jeans by using different accessories.  None of the outfits in this series is “perfect.” There is no such thing. They are all outfits I would feel good about leaving the house in, and that is my goal.

It is easy to get discouraged and think that you will never be able to come up with something that looks good and is inexpensive. BUT….that is not true. I felt that way when I wrote my posts LOSERS and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

But all it took was a new pair of $12.99 jeans and a couple of hours of trying on clothes for me to get my mojo back. You can do it! Just don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t be afraid to add some bling.

You might make some mistakes. Actually, you will make some mistakes. But this is not a life-or-death thing we are talking about here!  There is no Great Fashion Judge who is going to give you a failing grade. If you try, you WILL make progress.

You will learn from every mistake. And some of my “mistakes” were better than what I was doing before I started trying.

Okay, enough nagging.  Here is what I did using some brown stuff:

DSC_0002 (260x640)
DSC_0016 (289x640)
DSC_0013 (318x640)
DSC_0011 (267x640)

The belt is the same. I just turned it around so the animal print would show.

And speaking of making mistakes, here is an outfit that I wouldn’t wear out of the house. But hey, five out of six is not bad! 😉

DSC_0021 (287x640)
DSC_0029 (241x640) (2)

Here are all the looks in the series:

DSC_0007 (284x640)
DSC_0026 (262x640)
DSC_0031 (238x640)
DSC_0017 (289x640)
DSC_0010 (281x640)
DSC_0013 (318x640)

Which one do you like the best?

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JEANS FOUR: Gray Sweater

Hello Friends,

Another trial outfit with my new bluejeans. Here is what I started with:

Added my new $1.99 belt from Cato. And FYI, it is a Size 1X. I am not proud. I will try on any size. Especially if it is $1.99!  🙂

Added a little bling and good to go!

DSC_0020 (254x640)
DSC_0019 (286x640)
DSC_0018 (257x640)

The belt and the shoes are actually a very nice dark wine color. Doesn’t always show up that way on your device.

One more jeans post after this, and then we will move on.

Go make a cute outfit!

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JEANS THREE: Houndstooth Jacket

This post will be short and sweet…third in the series of examples of adding accessories to make an outfit.

DSC_0037 (233x640)
DSC_0036 (256x640)
DSC_0034 (262x640)
DSC_0032 (280x640)

Can you spot the differences?

On another note, look how much better the jacket looks when I get rid of the top that is an ugly color and doesn’t fit right.

DSC_0025 (2) (240x640)
DSC_0033 (244x640)

I hope you will take the time to experiment with your clothes. It really does make a difference.

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JEANS TWO: Anatomy of an Outfit

In my previous post, I showed you my new jeans, and the process I used to put together an outfit.  I am continuing that theme today, and again, I will use photos from beginning to end, so you can see the steps involved.

Isn’t this cute?  HAHA  I actually saw a lady in the store today with almost this same look, except she had even MORE fat rolls. 🙂   🙂 Don’t do this!

Now I look like I am wearing a red blanket:


Faking a waist helps somewhat:

Pulled it all together with a scarf:


DSC_0022 (244x640)
DSC_0023 (243x640)
DSC_0025 (247x640)
DSC_0026 (262x640)

I hope someone is learning something from all my humiliation of myself!

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In my last post, I showed you how I tried to make some outfits, but they were all blah, which made me feel blah.  I am feeling much better today. Why?  Because I bought new jeans. Yes, it sounds ridiculous! But a new pair of jeans did wonders for my mood.  I have lots of clothes and probably did not need new jeans, but in my mind, I did, because I wanted boot-cut jeans to go with my high heel boots.

So off I went to find just the right pair, thinking it would be a time-consuming ordeal, and probably expensive. But guess what? I found them at the first store I went to….my go-to place for inexpensive clothing and costume jewelry…CATO. 🙂

AND they were less than $20.00.  I got jeans and a belt for $14.99.  YAY!

I decided to use the jeans to do a series on using accessories. Of course, these will be a visual lessons 😉

Before I started on my “fashion journey,”  I pretty much considered an outfit to be pants and a top, or a dress. It never occurred to me that you could add things like sweaters, jackets, or belts. And I might have worn whatever jewelry I happened to have, but certainly did not change accessories for different outfits.

The outfit I am wearing today is pretty basic, but it does look like an outfit, not just jeans and a top.  Here are the steps I took to get there:

DSC_0002 (260x640)
DSC_0003 (250x640)
DSC_0004 (260x640)

I started with the jeans and a white top, then added a jacket. Still not right, so kept going and added a belt.

That wasn’t quite enough, so finished up with necklace, bracelet and earrings:

Now I am good to go!  Much better than the blah outfit from last week:

DSC_0029 (241x640)
DSC_0006 (240x640)

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As I told you in my last post, my main reason for publishing this blog is to help you look better if you want to look better. I would really like to inspire you. HOWEVER—

yesterday I decided to take some photos to show how to make a plain outfit look better with accessories. Great idea, and I will try again another day. But for that purpose, the photos I took did not do that. When I looked at the pictures, I realized that everything looked BLAH.

The outfits looked blah, my hair looked blah, the lighting was blah. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

When I sat down to edit the pictures and write the post, I just started feeling BLAH. How could these photos possibly inspire anyone?? It’s not that I couldn’t go out of the house wearing these clothes, it’s just that they were not out of the ordinary in any way, and were not particularly flattering.

Here is what I thought when I saw them:

I gained weight over the holidays, I need a haircut, something is wrong with my camera (true–see the line across my head), indoor shots look terrible, etc. etc. etc. 

I was going to delete all the photos and start over, but since I long ago lost any reluctance to show you bad pictures, I decided instead to publish the pictures, analyze them, and learn from them; that way you can learn along with me. You might not be inspired by a picture of a cute outfit, but you might learn some things NOT to do when trying to put one together.

I know this is very similar to the post I did called LOSERS.  I should have read that one again before I put my outfits together! Sometimes I am a slow learner.

Here goes:

What can I say? Bad, bad, bad. The color of this top is hideous, and the clingy shape and length “helps” to emphasize my chunky look.  HA Not what I was going for!

A little better, but the color is still ugly. I did tuck the shirt in and wear a belt after this, (sorry no photo) which helped, but it is still pretty blah.

Okay, WHY WHY WHY did I not take my own advice??? I had said I was NOT going to wear leggings with a tunic unless it was long. I look like I forgot to put pants on.

Same. Changing out the scarf for a necklace did not help. 😉  (This is why you take pictures. In the mirror, the tunic looked long enough.)

At least the red scarf draws attention to the top of the outfit, but I still look like I forgot my pants. And I OBVIOUSLY have no waist at all! Very true, but I try not to emphasize that.

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope you learned something. I hope I learned something!


Hello! I am back after my extended break for holiday and family time. Because of all the extra activities and extra people in my house, I have not thought very much about fashion and clothing in the past few weeks; in fact, when I was keeping three of my grandchildren this week, I wore my pajamas for almost an entire day!

During the holidays, I was so thankful that I had outfits already put together. All I had to do to find something to wear was look at photos, which was great because I did not have a lot of time to experiment.

That brings me to the topic that I want to write about today. WHY?

Why in the world would I ever even think about writing a blog, especially about fashion? Why would I add so many blog-related things to my to-do list when it is already pretty long? Why would I put my thoughts, feelings, and photos on the internet?

If you are a regular reader, or if you have read my About Me page, I hope you have figured out that my “why” is because I really want to help people who want to look better, to look better. I say that because some people, (seems like a lot of people) really do not seem to have any interest in looking better. Fine. I am not trying to convert anyone!

But there are people who really would like to look more stylish and put-together, and have no idea where to start, or are afraid to break out of their fashion rut. You are my people! I have been where you are! Maybe I am a only little farther down the road, but I truly hope that you can learn from my “victories” and my mistakes.

Maybe you have been raising families for many years, and have never taken time for yourself. Maybe you think you are too old, or too overweight, or too short, or too poor, or have no “fashion sense.”

Well, I can pretty much guarantee that I am older than most of you, I struggle with my weight, I am short, I have been poor, and my “fashion sense” has come from a lot of reading blogs and magazines, and watching television.

But I know that as a woman, I am so much happier and more confident when I feel like I look nice. I just want the same for you! 🙂

And I really do find most of my clothing for $20 or less. I don’t always tell you where I purchased an item or how much I paid for it, because truthfully, a lot of my clothing comes from clearance racks, and most likely would not available online.

Unlike many other blogs, I do not include a lot of links for you to click on. Yes, bloggers can make money by including links and by advertising, but that is not really my focus. I do not want to be a salesperson. I want to help people look better!

Since I have not yet had time to take any new pictures (okay, full disclosure…I have taken some, but they are terrible) I will leave you with some “before and after” flashbacks from 2016.

Thanks so much for reading, and for coming with me on this journey!

DSC_0016 (319x640)
DSC_0106 (261x640)


Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes
DSC_0530 (322x640)
DSC_0102 (255x640)