Several days ago, I posted that I was going out to finish my Christmas shopping. I am happy to report that I was successful in that mission! But guess what? When I was shopping for others, I could not resist the urge to shop for myself also. My goal was to photograph some nice outfits and publish a few posts before Christmas. HA

For whatever reason, the things I came home with were just not good when I saw them in the photographs.  And I hate that, because with all the extra things I have to do for the holidays, it is hard to find time to try on clothes and take pictures. Since I really didn’t have time to start over,  I decided to do a “Trial and Error” post. The things you see in this post have all been returned.

I won’t try to analyze what is wrong with these outfits, but they are just not right. I will say that I need to take my own advice and not wear leggings unless with long tunics or dresses. The camera does not lie.  😉

Maybe Santa will bring me some pretty clothes. If he does, I will get back to you after Christmas with outfits that look better than these. I know I can do better!

Happiest of holidays to all of you. I will be back soon after Christmas. 🙂

P.S.  My Facebook account was hacked, and I changed my password. Since then, my blog posts have not been showing up there, so unless you are a subscriber, you have missed a few. I will work on trying to fix that, but so far haven’t figured it out. Another little job that will have to wait until after Christmas!



13 thoughts on “LOSERS”

  1. I think the outfit in pic number one looks nice. I think you look good in all your outfits. – and I agree with
    terrie about your hair and smile!
    I have been searching the web for the red sweater (two-for) that you wore a couple days ago. Do you know the designer?

        1. I am sorry they were gone. I will try to remember to mention where things come from. I do get a lot from Belk, because our local store is really good, and is constantly getting new merchandise.

  2. I think you look great in the stripes …and they’re horizontal!! I agree with others…..with your beautiful smile, you’d look fabulous in a burlap bag!!. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Good luck getting through the holidays without your planned new outfits. I think they just needed to be a bit longer, but live and learn. I’m impressed you were able to photograph and return them so quickly. Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you on the other side!


  4. Living and learning is what we do, right? No more white shirts, no more short shirts with leggings! Hopefully other people are learning from our mistakes. 🙂

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