Today is the day I have set aside to finish my Christmas shopping. Wish me luck! Even though it is a rainy day that would perfect for staying home with a good book, I am on my way out. Most of my shopping has been done online, but I still need to visit some actual stores to finish up. I love to buy at the local shops, and our town has some really great small stores that have unique items. Even though my adult children give me lists of what they want (I guess they still believe in Santa LOL) I always like to add a few surprises.

My outfit is just jeans, boots, and a top, but the red color makes it seem a little festive. I will probably meet a friend for lunch, so am wearing more than my usual shopping outfit of a hoodie and jeans.

Also wanted to show you the cute fringed purse. Not sure is it exactly right for this outfit, but I will eventually find something to go with it. It is one of my super-cheap Wish.com purchases, so only need to use it a few times to get my $6.00 worth of wear.  😉

The top is actually just one piece. I love that, because I don’t like wearing bulky stuff.

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10 thoughts on “LET’S GO SHOPPING”

  1. You look radiant in red! I actually thought the top was a sweater over a plaid top. I’ve never seen a “faux” sweater/top like this — so cute. Mos of my shopping is done online (Amazon, Macys great sales, etc) since I can’t drive anymore. Oh, yes, I noticed the cute fringed purse, show-off, lol……

    1. Thanks, Kay. Isn’t online shopping great? And I love tops like this that have fake shirts under the sweater. I can never make a shirt under a sweater look right…always bunches up.

  2. I love this top also!! I looked around the internet for tops like this, i am not seeing any as cute as this though! Love the red!

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