In a couple of days, dear readers, I will be celebrating the six-month anniversary of starting my “sharing on the internet” journey. My first blog post was May 20, 2016.  I have had so much fun shopping (my closet as well as in stores) and playing dress-up, and I feel like I have learned and grown along the way.

As I reflect on the past 6 months of blogging, I want to take time to thank you for all your support. It took me a long time after figuring out all the details of setting up a blog to actually hit the “publish” button. Like most people, I was very hesitant about putting myself “out there.” It felt like a huge risk to publish photographs of myself, and think that anyone could possibly care, or to portray myself as some sort of “style expert.” The only way I convinced myself to do it was to think about all the people who had inspired me, and to realize that they had probably had doubts also. For quite a while, I never even mentioned the blog to family or friends, and felt very self-conscious when they happened to discover it.

As I asked myself why on earth I would want to do this, I thought about how much I love to see people who look like nice. It puts a smile on my face to see someone who is wearing a nice outfit that is flattering and looks stylish. It sounds silly, but it makes me feel like they care about people and want them to have something nice to look at….sort of like an artist who shares her work. I love to see all the ways different people express their personality through their clothing.

I could have told myself (and did) that I had no business trying to help anyone else…I am certainly not qualified in any way, other than a lot of experience in trial and error; but then I remembered the bloggers and friends that I had learned so much from. Their outfits were not always perfect; in fact there is no such thing, but they were willing to share what their idea of style for that day was, and it has helped me tremendously.

The more I studied, the more I learned what appealed to me, and what I thought looked good. Seeing lots of outfits that looked nice helped my brain to understand what “style” meant. And it was helpful to me not focus on one type of style. I searched out young, old, casual, sophisticated, preppy, bohemian, European and everything else in between.

What finally convinced me to “push the button” was that I just kept thinking that there were women in my age bracket who would love to know how to dress better, but have no idea where to start, and maybe they could use my experiences to get a little farther along in the process.

I decided right from the beginning to show a lot of before and after, because I had not seen much of that in other blogs, and as a visual learner, that would have been very helpful to me. Were these women just naturally beautiful and look good in anything, or did they have to pick and choose?

Ever since I put my fears aside, and actually started writing, you have been there to encourage and support me. I can honestly say that reading your comments has been great! I love it when you speak your mind, and give me honest feedback. I have never had a comment that I thought was mean-spirited. Even if you don’t like something, you say it in a nice way. You have really helped me, and I am very appreciative.  THANK YOU. 🙂

Just for fun, here is are some of the outfits from the past six months. I was so proud of some of these at the time, but looking at them now, I do feel that I am maybe a bit farther down the road in six months.  I have tried to include some examples of good, bad and so-so. I will leave it up to you to decide which is which. 😉 I left out the yellow print, because I already know your opinion on that one!

I have also included a section of “before photos” to help keep us all grounded in reality. LOL  You don’t need to vote on these!!

I would love for you to comment on which outfits you like or don’t like. It will be interesting to see whether most people agree, or if there is a variety of opinions.  There are 2 outfits from each month.

White pants, floral top,
White sweater, black pants
fashion style jacket
Pink dress navy sweater.jpg (289x640)
DSC_0492 (261x640)
DSC_0054 (297x640)

And now for the “what I really look” like shots. Do NOT put these on a Pinterest Board! These are just to show you what I would look like if I DIDN’T try.

Frumpy, shirt too small, jeans, unflattering clothes
Frumpy clothing, unflattering, shorts
DSC_0011 (222x640)
DSC_0483 (316x640)
White dress
Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes
DSC_0020 (254x640)

Aren’t you glad I left you with these images to be burned into your brain???

🙂  🙂    🙂

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25 thoughts on “A MILESTONE”

  1. Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary! As you know, I felt the same way. But, we need to put ourselves out there so the world knows that just because we’re over 25 and over 100 lbs we still can look fabulous. I love that you put the before pics b/c it shows all women that you’re not a magician, just a regular woman who fiddles with clothes to find the most flattering looks. I like the outfit with the red and white polka dot shirt the best, the all black jacket and pants with purple print shell second and the leopard print scarf outfit third. I don’t care for the brown zip up dress or the purple pants and flowy tunic shirt the least though that is just my two cents. Keep doing what you’re doing! The universe rewards bravery!

    1. Thank you Julia. The brown dress and the flowy top are long gone! My readers helped me get rid of the brown dress, and I could plainly see that the top looked terrible.
      I appreciate the encouragement, and I love your blog!

    2. Thank you very much for showing me that I’m not alone, and that there is help/help/normalcy. I absolutely love your honesty. You help me get dressed.

  2. Love the black and orange pants outfit and black and purple plus their accessories! Also love the red dress! Don’t care for the brown dress, but knowing you you could accessorize it cute. Love your blog and your hits and misses you put on here!

  3. I think a very important component in stylish dressing is knowing your own body and what styles look good on your body and those that don’t. You have mastered that along with an great eye for accessorizing. You have inspired me to: wear my vests, get a short pair of boots, start using more belts, buy longer necklaces, and experiment with scarves. When you look down from the choir on Sunday, you may or not see these improvements.

    1. So happy to know I have inspired someone. HaHa You always look so nice, but I am glad you want to experiment with new things. It is fun. And the only thing I notice about people from the choir loft is who is chewing gum. 😉

  4. Congratulations, I have enjoyed your blog. My favorite outfit is the black pants, back jacket and orange top.

    Enough about you, I love the way you have influenced my outfits. Thanks and keep it up.

  5. WoW!! Love your Intro pic….looking so slim and tall in long purple cardi & dark jeans! Just had to comment on this! So along that same idea I think #1 black/jacket w/white cardi, #3 black jkt & pant
    w/orange tank and #6 blk/jacket w/purple print top are all very chic & slimming. Seems to be a theme here 🙂
    Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary. This is an interesting and informative blog and I have
    thoroughly enjoyed you taking us through hits & misses, plus having us comment on likes/dislikes, etc. Keep up the good work.

  6. My favorite outfit? The blue gingham shirt, cardigan and white pants. So preppy looking! I also like the black outfit with the jean jacket and red accessories, and the black with the white sweater.
    Accessorizing with jewelry, scarves, etc is something I am very self conscious about. I can visualize the outfit in my head, but then worry I am overdressed. I am hoping that by reading blogs like yours I will gain some confidence.

    1. Hi Robin, it helps if you snap a quick selfie in front of a full length mirror,but adding some jewelry or a scarf probably won’t be too much. Thanks for reading and following my posts.

  7. Only 6 months! Well done! That’s just great. In the outfits. I don’t like nr. 1 and the one with the shorts that much. The rest are very nice outfits especially the blue dress with the orange cardigan. These colors are beautiful on you!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. # 1 was the first outfit I tried to copy from another blogger. The shorts were an example of what NOT to wear, so glad you did not like those! Thanks for your inspiration. Love reading your posts.

  8. I have really enjoyed your blog. It’s refreshing to see that real women with real bodies can dress and look fantastic at any age and on any budget. I think my favorite outfit is the red dress. Keep up the good work !

  9. I too, love your intro pic as well as several others. I like your blog because it is helpful to us ordinary, everyday people and not geared to the pencil thin model groups. I notice you look especially stunning in a belt and jacket/cardi, and may even give me the courage to try one myself. I learn a lot from your blog and appreciate the work you put into it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Debbie. Since I discovered the sweater and belt combo, I sometimes have a hard time thinking of other ways to style. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  10. I love the outfit you have on at the beginning of this post. That is the perfect casual or dressy look and looks great on you. I’m going to try for that look after seeing it on you. Love your blog!

  11. Congrats Susan!! It really is a great accomplishment!!
    It’s so great that you show the “what if I didn’t try” photos—because I see many women dressed just like those photos around town. Just the idea of trying to look nice and being intentional can make a huge difference in our appearance!!
    Besides, we do have “misses” at times, but better to try and miss that not try at all, don’t you think?
    You look fabulous!! Can’t wait for 6 more months!

    1. Jodie, thanks so much for your comments. I too, often see people dressed in unflattering ways. I hope my readers can learn from the “bad examples” and also my “fashion experiments”. Totally agree that we will have misses, but my misses now are not as bad as they used to be, so I guess that is progess. 😉

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