Hello Dear Readers,

I need your help today.  I recently bought several dresses and I am trying to decide which ones to keep. I love this dress, and think it is so cute, but I am having second thoughts. It seems like it is too young for me, and I really don’t know when I would wear it.

Please give me your honest opinion. I am looking for feedback. I need to return it soon if I am not going to keep it, so please reply and let me know what you think.

Should I keep it? If so, what kind of occasion would you wear it to?

If not, please tell me why you think I should take it back. Remember I am on a journey, and am really trying to learn and grow. It will not hurt my feelings if you don’t like it.  I will probably just take it back and get something else.

Don’t worry about trying to figure out if I should wear different shoes, or no leggings, etc.  I just need to decide whether or not to keep it.

I will abide by the majority opinion if I get more than a couple of comments.

Thanks so much!

Also, to return to the “vest theme” for a moment. Thanks so much for all your feedback. I have pretty much decided after looking at the pictures and reading your comments, that I need to just stick to wearing a vest with pants or jeans. I love the look of a vest with a dress, but just don’t think it is the best look for me.


30 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP”

  1. Truthfully it’s not your best look. I think it’s too short…your clothes are much prettier thank this dress. It just doesn’t have the sophisticated look you normally wear.

  2. Susan, I agree with Pam. It’s a darling dress, but too short and too young looking. It exaggerates your legs, which with those boots, look kinda thick. The boots don’t do you justice. I’m glad you came to the decision on your own, though, and agree with your decision on the vests, too. I love your look in vests with pants, but not with skirts or dresses. Just my opinion…

  3. I admire your willingness to try new things, and new looks. I have trouble stepping out of my comfort zone and tend to wear the same type of thing. Having said all that, I don’t like that dress on you. Actually, I don’t like the dress. Can’t say why. Sometimes I will get a dress I end up not liking and if it was inexpensive, cut it down and make a top out of it. Does that sound crazy? Anyway, you have inspired me to wear my vests and get a short pair of boots. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks, Gail. It is a little daunting to try things out, and then ask for opinions, but I really do want to try to look stylish and put-together, and it is not always easy to assess yourself. I am impressed that you could make a top out of a dress. Great idea, but if I did it, it would look like a half dress…that no one likes anyway. LOL I will look forward to seeing your boots. 🙂

  4. I actually like the dress/tunic a lot. However I think it would be more flattering if worn with darker leggings or denim leggings and flats. Pairing the dark boots with the lighter leggings seemed to make your legs look shorter.

    1. Thank you, Robin. That is a great suggestion! And yeah, my legs are short, so I don’t really want to emphasize that.

        1. Well, I just returned it if you need a size L. 😉 I agreed to go with the majority, so it is gone, but I feel like I could have worked with it and made it look better. I do still like it. You could try to order it online.

  5. The small flowers make it to busy and the color makes it hard to know what season to wear it in. Looks bohemian which is cute but not sphofistcated enough for ou age

  6. Honestly, I don’t like the dress, too much fullness through the middle as the pleats flare out. Plus, the
    pale background color tends to wash out your pretty face! I just had to get my 2 cents in here for what
    it’s worth. Btw…you look so beautiful in bright saturated colors IMHO :))

    1. Thanks Kay,
      Again, I agree and thank you for your honest feedback. And funny you mentioned saturated color….that is high on my list for a blog post topic.

  7. Many thanks, Dana. I believe that fashion is a journey, and I don’t want to go by myself. So far the comments have been right on target, and I appreciate all of you taking the time to reply.

  8. I don’t necessarily think it’s too youthful, but it seems confused. The pattern and colours scream summer/spring but the long sleeves say otherwise.

    If it was a foot longer I’d consider it a nightgown. (Sorry)

    1. Thanks, fellow short person. 😉 I thought about that, but I agreed to go with the majority, and you are the only one who said keep it.

  9. Well aside from your fashion inspiration, you have inspired me in other ways…. I am in the midst of writing a keynote presentation about healthcare and was stuck until I read your definitions of ‘journey’. This fits my speech theme perfectly so thanks on a different note. Julie

  10. Honestly, don’t care for any of it. Too full in the middle. The leggings do not do anything for your legs. Other outfits you’ve worn are much cuter and flattering. IMHO. Like your blog very much. You could be our friend, sister, sister-in-law, etc. You are down to earth and honest. Thank you for sharing your trials and errors. We all have them, for sure. You help me think about the outfits I put together, and enjoy your tips for doing so!

    1. Nancy, thanks so much for the feedback. The readers have spoken! The dress has now been returned. I am so happy that you enjoy reading my posts. I love having new frends along for the journey!

  11. Susan, while the general opinion seems to be that this dress is not your style, I find it adorable! But that could be possibly because I have the same dress! I wear it with leggings and knee high or OTK boots, but in warmer weather I would wear ballet flats. Perhaps it is more my style (I think I own this exact dress in 4 or 5 different prints), but I still think it looks equally adorable on you! But if you are not going for “adorable” and are feeling uncomfortable and out of your element, then I agree returning it is your best option! I admire your willingness to try new things!


    1. Thanks, Shelbee. I think it is adorable also, even though one reader thinks it looks like a nightgown. And when I returned it, I replaced it with the same one in the gray! Couldn’t help myself. Have you worn this on your blog? If so please send me the link. You always look so cute. Maybe I can get some new ideas. Thanks again

  12. This was my first view of your blog and it has been very interesting. I agree with most of your bloggers and glad you returned the dress. Looking forward to more blogs. Thank you for including me.

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