I think autumn left without ever coming! Here is a photo of the maple trees in my front yard. They think it is still August. SIGH


Usually by November, they look like this:


I am so tired of the summer weather that I am breaking my rule of “If it’s brown, put it down” (but really, that was for my husband), and wearing an outfit that reminds me of brown leaves. 😉

Here is the basic dress:


And here is what I will be wearing:


Happy green fall! You have my permission to wear something brown. Just make sure you add a belt and a sweater.  HAHAHAHAHA

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17 thoughts on “AUTUMN LEAVES”

  1. Love that combination. I tend to wear long skirts and dresses because I have fat knees. I am generally slim but pockets of fat have settled in the wrong places.

  2. I like this combination, I think the dress is the focal point and the sweater is the camouflage. Smart look for you, not just for fall.

  3. I think the dark brown goes great with that beautiful dress! Love the look. And for the leaves….when they start to fall they fall fast. In one week its totally different here!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. And I would love for the leaves to turn color and stay on the trees for awhile. Maybe they will change by Christmas. LOL

  4. Do you remember where you bought this dress? I love this look! I cannot do a belt because i have yet to find one my size without looking like a keg of beer lol. You look great though!

    1. Thanks, Barbra. I have had this dress for at least 6 or 8 years, and have no idea where I got it. The couple whose wedding I wore it to now have 3 children. LOL

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