Just a quick post today to show you a dress that I tried four different ways.





Number 4 is probably the only one I will actually wear. Not too happy with the brown, the boots look ridiculous, and the leggings look ridiculous. Maybe it is just the white legs that are jumping out at me. Whatever happened to pantyhose???

Sometimes it is hard to put outfits together. 😉  Back to the drawing board. I hope all this experimenting and sharing is helping you!

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I’ll be back soon with some outfits that do NOT involve sweaters.  LOL


7 thoughts on “FALL DRESS”

  1. I’d like that dress with a blue sweater, brown beads and brown pumps.
    You do know, your smile makes almost every look a winner.

    1. Lynne, I am going back to pantyhose. My legs are always cold in the fall and winter! And I don’t always want to wear leggings. I have some that super sheer….wore them today. I will be looking for more.

    1. Debra, this is the one I linked to in my post on Sweater Shopping. If you go to that post you can click right on it. It is Made By Johnny (MBJ) and comes in many colors.

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