I know you are getting tired of this dress! Only one more post after this one….unless I decide to do a post where I try out all of your suggestions. That would be fun!  But I might have to find a different spot to take pictures.  They are building a house next door to ours, and I always wonder what the workmen think when they see an old lady taking pictures of herself on the front porch! It doesn’t really stop me, but I do wonder about it.  🙂

And I will post on some other subjects before that, because I’m sure you can only take so much of Old Blue. Again, please choose Number 1 or Number 2 and tell me why.

Number 1
Number 2

Very similar to the leopard, but without the belt. Don’t ask me why it is a brown zebra print. I have never seen a brown zebra. And for someone who doesn’t recommend wearing brown, I have certainly broken that rule with this dress!  I think it is because I like the brown pointy-toe heels, and they are very comfortable.

It has been great reading your suggestions! Don’t forget to vote. 🙂


12 thoughts on “OLD BLUE 4”

  1. I do prefer #2 but how about cinching in the waist with a couple of buttons of the sweater done up in the middle instead of at the top?

  2. #2 but then I am a fan of animal prints! Old Blue really looks good with almost anything. I can no longer wear pointy toes or any heels really, so would have to go for a low heel or flats on the shoes.

  3. #1 this time….prefer the neckline of black jacket which has a v-neck appearance. Again, would wear
    silver jewelry or a mix of silver & black. The black jacket has a more slenderizing look than the
    animal print….plus not liking brown w/blue! This has been fun 🙂

  4. like no.2 but needs a belt or button differently – accentuate your waist to slenderize
    no.1 looks outdated
    like the blue and brown
    black is more slenderizing

  5. I like no. 2. The print is more contemporary than the dark blazer. I think the first outfit is too matchy-matchy and needs to mix up the colors more. I think I have a dress similar to yours but in a gray-blue. It works so well with whatever I put over the top but I haven’t worn it in a while. You have reminded me to pull it out and give it a whirl. Thanks!


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