Today’s choice is between two pink sweaters. I told you I am a sweater girl!

Number 1
Number 2

Pretty similar, but please let me know if you like one better than the other. I feel like this is one of those puzzle pictures where you have to find what’s different about the pictures. Can you spot the differences? LOL

I know this is not a fall look, so don’t let that be a factor.  I promise not to wear this until at least April. 😉

Just vote for Number 1 or Number 2, so that one of them will be in the finals. Thank you!


12 thoughts on “OLD BLUE 3”

  1. No. 1

    I think the silver belt breaks it up a bit. Plus I am not fond of the fullness of the cardigan in No. 2. I think it would look better with (white) jeans.

    Have you thought about a shorter length on your cardigan?

  2. #1. I like the bright pink and the cardigan style. And of course the dress. Now I will be on the hunt for a cobalt blue dress!

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