I am back again with more photos of Old Blue.  I got some really good suggestions from the last post, and they are greatly appreciated. I love the fact that you are thinking and being creative about what to wear. Today’s looks are not that different from the last post, but I would still love to read your opinions.

Number 1
Number 2

The sweater looks black, but it is mostly brown.

You will notice that I am still doing leopard and a bright sweater!  I am really not that creative.  Help me out if you can.  Thanks!

Number 1 or number 2?  Even if you hate both, pick the one you hate the least. LOL


22 thoughts on “OLD BLUE 2”

  1. Actually, I like all 3. Probably like the leopard print the best. I love animal prints but don’t wear them enough. You have inspired me to look for some.

  2. #2 but why the brown shoes and not black? Love the animal print. I’m wearing animal print every day this week. Last week I wore black & white all week. Good way to see what you have too much of.

    1. Hi Debi,
      The sweater is brown, even though it does not look like it in the photo. And the belt is brown. It was supposed to be a brown and blue outfit. 🙂

  3. Old Blue is certainly a winner. #2, even though it’s brown 🙂 I was going to wear a brown top this morning but thought “if it’s brown, put it down”. I don’t really like my brown top anyway, so it’s going bye bye.

  4. Interesting experiment, I like number 1 with your complexion and hair color. The color of your sweater is stunning with your skin.

    Number two in a good combination of colors. It would look great on a dark headed person ( I have had dark hair and light hair).

  5. #2 is a winner for me. I love just about anything with a leopard sweater (I own 3 or 4). It looks great with the bright blue dress!

  6. #1 is the most creative style in my book. Not crazy about the necklace, would suggest a longer silver and/or black tassel necklace. Wish the sweater had some black (can’t tell if is does) in it and wouldn’t wear the belt with a longer necklace…IMHO!!

    1. Thanks, Kay. Love your ideas. The necklace does not have black, but I do have a black tassel necklace. I will try with silver and with black. My readers have the best ideas!!

  7. Oops! I meant #2 with the animal print sweater (not #1). Hope my comments weren’t too confusing.
    What a pretty lady you are and I love your hair color!

    1. It is not hard to confuse me! I actually liked your suggestions regarding number 2 as applied to number 1. Now I will try them with number 2! HAHA And thanks for the compliment. I will pass it along to the person who makes my hair that color. 🙂

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