If you read my last post, you saw a lot of purple.  I actually called it wine or berry, but it was definitely a variation of purple. Today I am showing you another outfit that has purple in it.

When we lived in Florida, I never wore any clothing that color, because my husband did not like purple, and always made some kind of negative comment if I wore it. This is a man who always compliments me on my appearance, so I figured if he made a negative comment, he must really hate it.

Funny how things can change! We moved to Georgia and it just so happens that the nickname of the local high school is the Purple Hurricanes. Everything in our town is purple, especially during football and baseball seasons. Since my husband is the Superintendent of Schools, he is the biggest high school athletics fan here.  And guess what?  He has dozens of purple shirts, jackets, hoodies, and even ties. The color he used to hate is now his favorite color. Funny how my wearing a beautiful purple outfit could not change his mind, but high school kids wearing sweaty sports jerseys could. LOL

Here is the top I started with.  When I tried it on, I knew I would have to put something over it, but what else is new? 😉   It was on the clearance rack at Belk ( our store has the most awesome clearance racks) for $6.00.


Isn’t this cute? HAHA   I would never wear this top like this, but I see people all the time (if you recognize yourself, stop doing this at once!) who dress like this with their their midsections highlighted for all to see.

I guess I could actually try to lose a few pounds and then I would not have to worry about it. But for now, I am stuck with having to camouflage.

I started by adding a jacket.  Fooled you! No sweater today. 😉


Still did not look right, so tried tucking in the top and adding a belt.


Much better.  Camouflage is working.

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7 thoughts on “PURPLE REIGNS”

  1. Hi! Enjoy your purple. I love all wines, dark reds, burgundy and other! Visit me also at “Not Your Daughter’s or Mother’s Life”, see below for site.

  2. You are amazing! I wish I had your knack at putting outfits together. You took something not so becoming and made it a beautiful, put-together outfit. Thanks for the lesson.

    1. Thank you Joanne! I can assure you this has not always been the case. It is definitely a learned “knack”. I have spent a lot of time experimenting! I started the blog so other people who want to “learn the knack” have a place to start.

  3. Susan, I really enjoyed how you showed the different ways you can potentially style a blouse and how subtle changes truly make a difference. You look great in this purple and black ensemble! I grew up in Georgia, so now I am curious about what part of Georgia you currently reside. Also, our physical stats are almost identical – I am 5’2 and in the same weight range. Seriously trying to get closer to the 135 range again. Thanks so much for linking up again this week!

  4. Adding the belt was key! Not only do you look slimmer but you look very hip! I love the pattern on that tunic. Looks like a fun shirt to try to do pattern mixing. Excellent idea to show everyone how you evolved that look. That way others can duplicate. Love it!

    1. Thank you, Julia. I am all about doing whatever I can figure out to do to look slimmer! I really do hope that other people can learn from all my trial and error.

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