Another favorite inexpensive shopping place for me is Rugged Wearhouse.  I got this dress for $10.00


Blue print dress (480x640)

Here is the try-on:

DSC_0101 (248x640)

I show you these pictures so you will see that you have to experiment to make an outfit. Some experiments work better than others. 😉


This looks better, but looking at it, I don’t really like the big necklace, and will probably find some cuter shoes. Also, think it might be a little too short.  Back to the drawing board.

I have really learned that how you style an outfit makes a huge difference in whether or not you look “put together”.  This one is lacking something.

Oh dear!  I may have to stop blogging, or I won’t have anything to wear. LOL

Your suggestions are welcome!

9 thoughts on “TRANSITIONS FIVE”

  1. My hairdresser had on a “dress extender” yesterday. Like a slip only cuter! There are some super cute dresses out there but just too short for the over 50 crowd. A dress extender makes them work! I should have taken a picture of her!

  2. I think you look very nice and well put together. The dress doesn’t look to short to me, but we each have our own comfort level. Never heard of the “dress extender” that Cathy mentioned. Going to have to Google that. Have a great day!

  3. This is a Winner! “Electric Blue” straight off the Runway for fall (sweater) which pulls all the blues
    in the dress together. Like the accessories too. Agree with others — looks very put together and looks great on you!!

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