Two of my most popular posts were about how not to look frumpy. If you missed those, here they are:

They were probably popular because you enjoyed laughing at me. Or hopefully laughing with me. I must say it is very easy for me to look frumpy if I take the path of least resistance!

I decided to post again, because when I got dressed for church on Sunday, I changed up the accessories for my formerly frumpy dress, so thought I would share with you…just so you can see that there is always more than one way to style an outfit. I had photographed this dress before with the purple sweater, but since then have added a purple necklace to my “jewelry collection” so just wanted you to see that.

DSC_0530 (322x640)

Here is what I wore on Sunday:


I can’t even imagine why anyone would care about what I am wearing, but truthfully, my goal is to use photos to inspire you.

Remember: DON’T DO THIS!

Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes

If I catch you looking like this, I will call the Fashion Police! I mean it!

Sometimes I wish there really were such a thing. But then the jails would be even more overcrowded….just from the people who go to WalMart on Friday nights.

I will leave you with this photo so you have something else to laugh about rather than me.  Yes, I secretly snapped this with my cell phone. I knew it wasn’t right, but couldn’t help myself.  But if there were such a thing as Fashion Police, I would have called 911.  🙂

I sincerely hope that no one who reads this blog is related to this man. If so, DON’T TELL ME!







8 thoughts on “FRUMPY NO MORE”

  1. I think he got out of the house without his wife seeing him. Men often have no sense of color or style. They can’t help it, they were born that way. Fortunately, they had mothers and then wives to keep them from embarrassment. This poor soul is either without those women in his life, he snuck out without them seeing him, or they have given up on him.

  2. I love the dress you styled. I got on the Wish website yesterday, and I could spend hours on there as well. I have had very positive experiences on Amazon with similar vendors from China. People simply must understand that the sizing is what it is… read it, size up, and quit caring about the size of your dress and think about the fit and how it flatters your figure… not the figure you wish you had but the figure you have been blessed with. Thanks for your blog, I enjoy it every day!!!

  3. I have an idea for your blog and don’t know if you’d be interested. It’s that we as your readers can send in pics of ourselves in an outfit that we don’t think looks good on us, or is we think is missing something, and you and the other readers can critique it and give us ideas of how to improve it. I for one put on an outfit today and something is just off. I just look BLAH! Even after consulting Pinterest. Have a great weekend!

  4. Your blog is my favorite! Love how real you are and how you can show the blah! It’s helps me to see just adding a couple pieces can take you from blah to terrfic!!

    1. Thanks, Carol. I decided right from the beginning to show the before and after because I was looking for something like that but never could find it. Hope it helps!

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