Well, the time has come to tell you about my one of my little internet habits. Well, really my only little internet habit, other than blogging 😉

It is shopping at WISH.


Now, please understand. This experience would not appeal to everyone. For me, it is kind of like playing the nickel slot machines…..you put some money in and you might get a reward. If you are not up for some risk, don’t play the Wish game.

Here is how it works:

You go to the website and just start browsing.  They have about a million things. You will soon notice that most things are small or lightweight.  That is because whatever you order has to be shipped from China.

China???  Doesn’t that mean inferior quality and lengthy shipping time?   YES  Doesn’t that mean expensive shipping charges?  NO  Most shipping charges are $2 or less.

Here is where the risks come in:  First: you never know how long it will take to arrive.  It seems like the more often you order, the faster the shipping is, but that just might be my imagination. Second: the sizing is crazy.  Most Chinese people are evidently very small, so you need to order up at least 2 sizes if you are buying clothing. The good thing is that most items are reviewed by someone who has purchased it, and you can get some pretty good hints about the sizing. Third: this has not happened to me, but some reviewers have said that the “leather goods” often come with a strong odor that eventually dissipates. Fourth: You don’t really know what the quality is going to be, but hey! What were you expecting from a $3.00 purse??

The fun part is that once you get in the WISH habit, little packages will arrive at your door, and they are always a surprise, because you never remember what you ordered three weeks ago.

I can go shopping for about an hour, spend $25.00, and get lots of little surprises for weeks afterward.

Of course, don’t think you can return anything. Even if you could, it would not be worth the time, effort and expense.  Like I said, it is like playing the nickel slots.

Personally, I have had very good luck with my purchases, but I always read the reviews, and I never order anything in a size medium or large.

Here are some examples of my purchases.They are not linked. If you want to shop, you will have to go the site and browse.

I could not possibly show you everything I have ordered, but these will give you an idea of the kind of things that are available, and the prices. They also have a huge selection of electronics and home items, but you will have to go look at those for yourself.








And last but not least, just because it made me laugh:


This is $40.00 worth. I usually don’t order “expensive” things like the $10 purse, but I really liked it.  And the silver necklaces were $8 for 20!  I don’t know if they are real silver, but they say they are, and they really seem to be.

That’s all for now. Gotta go shopping!

If you decide to shop at WISH, remember that I take no responsibility for the quality of the items, or the fact that your husband catches you doing weird internet things late at night. 😉

It is really not for everyone. Don’t do it if you don’t think you will enjoy it.

7 thoughts on “I WISH”

    1. Have fun! It’s a little risky, but I figure if 50% of the stuff is okay, I am still ahead of the game. I have actually been quite pleased with my purchases.

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