I get quite a few of my clothes from our local Beall’s Outlet store.  This particular store has a good selection and great prices, and seniors get a discount on Mondays!

Fall top (480x640)

I decided this would work well as part of my fall wardrobe, so I tried it on:

DSC_0099 (279x640)

I actually liked it with the light-wash jeans, but they were in the wash when I decided to take a photo, so I ended up with this:


Of course, I can always wear this top with the other jeans too, which I’m sure I will.

The cute boots by the way are from a K-Mart “going out of business sale”. ($5.00), and the beautiful necklace is from Cato.  Best store ever for inexpensive bling. I have gotten so many compliments on this $7.00 necklace!

8 thoughts on “TRANSITIONS FOUR”

  1. Another cute outfit! I soooo love a bargain. I’m so bent on NOT paying full price for clothes anymore, I’ve been purchasing a lot of nice clothing on Poshmark. And I love to buy clothes at Walmart, although their selection hasn’t been too good lately. I don’t know who their buyer is. Target is good too, although they are more expensive. I always say you can look like a million bucks without spending a million!

    1. Lori, I love that philosophy! You know I agree. Poshmark is a good option. Might have to do a post on that one day. And different WalMart stores sometimes have very different merchandise. The one in my town is not that great, but the one 30 minutes down the road usually has a good selection.

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