Well, it is 96 degrees today. Maybe I should just get my summer clothes back out! But I can’t.  My brain knows that it is “after Labor Day.”  So here is another outfit I plan to wear to pretend like it is fall. Not exactly fall colors, but not too summery.

I am posting this next photo to show you that shoe choices matter.  I knew the blue shoes would not look good, but I just had to try. When I saw the picture, I laughed, because it looks ridiculous. I guess the lesson is, “Don’t match your shoes to your shirt”, but maybe that is only if they are a bright color!


These pictures also illustrate the fact that you need to iron your clothes if they have wrinkles!


One more point: This is really just some jeans and a shirt. In the past, I would not have even thought to add a necklace and bracelet. I am posting this to show you that if you add some bling, you can make jeans and a shirt look like an outfit.

See you soon with some more “hot fall” clothes.

8 thoughts on “TRANSITIONS TWO”

  1. So cute on you! I enjoy seeing what doesn’t work vs what does. Helps teach me how to make little changes to an outfit. And, I love how you keep within a budget!

  2. I love the hot weather fall clothes. I live in the Central Valley of California and it is 97 degrees today. But mentally I’m so done with summer clothes.

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