I know it is still August, and I know it is not even supposed to be fall, but when school starts back up the first week of August, it seems like summer was a long time ago. The temperature today was 94, so obviously summer is still here, but I just cannot make myself pick out any more summer outfits!   I know that Labor Day is right around the corner, and soon we will be changing fashion gears. No more white, no more bright yellows and bright pinks, no more red, white and blue.

It is definitely not time to pull out the boots, or the long-sleeve version of anything, but when I hear those geese flying overhead, it stimulates something in my brain to take some action! I spent today pulling all of the really summery stuff out of my closet and moving it to my off-season closet in the guest room. I really didn’t see much there that I could swap out, so I am going to have to be creative in the next few weeks until fall arrives for real.

Even when we lived in Florida, I would get the urge along about the end of August to at least change colors. Even though the seasons didn’t change, my mind changed. It was fine that the snowbirds wore white capris in November, but I wore my brown capris, thank you very much.

As you might guess, I did make a run to some of my favorite stores to see if I could find something for the transition. Of course I did. Here is what I will be wearing while it is still hot as Hades but not really summertime.

Of course, I did not pay more than $20 for any one item.  Next post, I will style some outfits and take photos.

Blue print dress (480x640)


Gray crochet top (480x640)

Navy top (480x640)

Brown dress (480x640)

Wish dress

This little dress was only $6.00! Hope I can make it work.

Happy Fall!  I mean happy end of summer!

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3 thoughts on “THE LONG HOT SUMMER”

  1. Love all of them. I’m enjoying 75% clearance sales around here. I plan to wear white jeans beyond Labor Day. Just scored a pair of NYDJ for $22!

    1. Ooooh, 75% clearance! You are speaking my language. I’ll probably wear white jeans too, but not into October. Just can’t do it. 😉

  2. Susan, I hear you on wanting to transition to fall but it is just too dang hot! Then add all my perimenopausal hormones to it and forget it…I am still dressing in summer mode until I stop sweating!

    I love all of your new wardrobe additions, but I especially am loving that burgundy print dress that you scored for $6! A woman after my own bargain heart!

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