Being new to the world of blogging (my first post was May 20, 2016), I am learning about blogging the same way I am learning about style….by trial and error. A couple of weeks ago, I had the idea to spend the $50 gift card I received for my birthday to buy an outfit and blog about it.  That part of the idea was great! At least to me. 🙂


The second part of the challenge was to have a contest, and give a $25 Amazon card to the winner.


This was the error part of the trial and error! In my mind, many aspiring fashionistas would send me photos of themselves in adorable $50 outfits. I was so excited to see the results.

HAHA.  Here are the results:  Four family members said they would enter. (None did).  ONE…yes, that’s right, ONE beautiful lady whom I do not know sent me a photo.

So, I did not get to see a lot of cute outfits, but I did get to see one cute outfit, and I am declaring Patti Patterson from New Castle, Pennsylvania as the official winner. She will be receiving a gift card. Now aren’t you kind of sorry you did not enter??? Your odds were really good. LOL

Here is the cute outfit she came up with for a grand total of $49.97

stripedress (359x640)

  • Dress: ANA from JC Penney $19.99
  • Necklace: Liz Claiborne from JC Penney  $10.99
  • Shoes: Madden Girl from Down Under Consignment  $7.50
  • Purse: Bangles from Peebles Department Store $8.99

Way to go Patti!  The outfit is adorable, and so are you. I hope you enjoy shopping some more with your gift card. Thanks so much for entering my contest.  It actually was a good idea for you. 😉


15 thoughts on “A GOOD IDEA THAT WASN’T”

  1. Congrats to the winner!! I am new to your blog which I find very interesting. Like your outfits (sans the orange – not my color) and your hair cut & color. Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Hi Kay,
      Thank you! I too, used to hate orange and NEVER wore it. But one day something just clicked and now I love it. 🙂

  2. I never saw the challenge — I could do it though. My outfit today is under $50; all courtesy of Target. 🙂

    Would still live to have you come do a makeover though!

    1. Yay Target! I hear so many people say they get great stuff there, but the one in our town is small and I never find anything there.

  3. Well this is a surprise! Too bad you didn’t get entries, this challenge was a lot of fun. So I am happy to accept! Thank You!

  4. I am very happy about winning..the fashion challenge was fun. I enjoy clothes, and shopping. I work at a consignment store so I can bargain hunt really well. Maybe try this again..it would have been interesting to see some of the outfits. Thank you!!! Patti

    1. You did a great job! Thank you so much for entering. I sent the gift card to your email, so if you don’t get it check spam or let me know. If you use it to buy clothes, send a photo.

      1. I did get the gift card..haven’t used it yet. I am waiting to go through my fall clothing and see what I need. Thank you again! Patti

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