Since my post on Makeover Magic, I have been doing a bit of thinking.


I have been thinking about the fact that I need a “makeover” almost every day. If I were to just get up in the morning, throw on some clothes, and walk out the door, I would look at least twenty years older and would just blend right in with the WalMart shoppers. To be truthful, I have done that many times….and gone to WalMart, and blended right in!  LOL  Most of the people there did not look any better than I did, but that is no excuse.

It does take some planning and some effort to achieve a “put-together” look. It also takes some knowledge of what clothes to wear to flatter your shape, and what colors look good on you. As I have told you, I have done a great deal of trial and error in those departments!

In addition to trying on different styles and colors, I have read quite a bit of fashion and style advice, and watched every episode of What Not to Wear. That in itself is like getting a college degree in makeovers.

It never failed to amaze me that Stacey and Clinton could use their vast knowledge and experience to make every person they worked with look beautiful. Every time I would think, “Oh no! This is the time they will fail. There is no way they can do anything with that (figure, hair, attitude, face, or whatever). ”  But they did. Every single time. Every single episode.   So I learned. I learned that anyone can look good, and that the way you present yourself to the world is important. It says “I am worth the time and trouble to look good.”  It also says, “I care enough about the people who see me to take pride in my appearance.”

I have showed you examples before, but I will continue to do so, because I want you to understand that it is possible to do makeovers on yourself! Here are some before and after “mini makeover”photos for your amusement and to learn from (I hope!)

DSC_0027 (249x640)DSC_0042 (245x640)

DSC_0004 (237x640)DSC_0020 (427x640)

DSC_0020 (254x640)DSC_0047 (292x640)

If you need one, give yourself a makeover! You know who you are. Do not leave the house as your “natural self” unless you are under 30. That is my advice. Take it or leave it.  🙂


7 thoughts on “MAKEOVER MUSINGS”

  1. Hi there! Would u mind telling us where you bought your boyfriend jeans at? Thanks! They look like the perfect length. Cute outfits!

    1. These are the best ever! I have them in 3 colors. At least some colors were still available at Macy’s when I checked last week.
      Style & Co. Pull-On Cuffed Boyfriend Jeggings, Only at Macy’s

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