Several weeks ago, I wrote a post on looking frumpy. You can read it here:


Here is something that was definitely frumpy:

Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes

For today’s post, I decided to see if I could rescue this dress, rather than send it away. At first I tried adding some accessories and trying to style it to see if I could make anything work:

DSC_0004 (291x640)                                           DSC_0007 (267x640)

These were better, but it is still a bit on the frumpy side. After looking at it, it was obvious that the main thing wrong with the dress was the length. (Not to mention the horrible shoes which immediately went in the Goodwill bag LOL)

I am not very good at sewing, but I figured that even I could hem up a dress with some Stitch Witchery, so I started with that.

DSC_0517 (255x640)

As you can see, the dress looks better already, just by changing the length. The next step in the process is to experiment with different accessories and try to make an outfit.  Here are the results of that:

DSC_0518 (285x640)

DSC_0525 (266x640)

DSC_0526 (250x640)

DSC_0530 (322x640)

Just for fun, here are the similar versions side by side:

DSC_0007 (267x640)      DSC_0525 (266x640)

DSC_0004 (291x640)    DSC_0518 (285x640)

Do you see how much difference the length makes?!!   So…..memorize this rule:  “If your dress is too long, it is frumpy”

Do you think I should keep this dress?  If so, which look do you like the best? I really do value your opinions, and would appreciate hearing from you. As I have said before, I am on a journey and still have much to learn.

Thanks for reading, and please comment!

P. S. The little girl in the photo is the reason I have not posted much in the past few weeks. I had the great pleasure of having my sweet seven-year old granddaughter with me for four weeks.

Today I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe

Don’t forget to enter the shopping challenge! Only one more week before the deadline.  I have already found my outfit and can’t wait to show you.  It can be done!



13 thoughts on “HOW NOT TO LOOK FRUMPY 2”

  1. Shortening made a huge difference. Love the mustard sweater. Did you try the mustard sweater with the black belt? Like the burgundy sweater with it too. I think I better start taking pictures.

  2. Definitely keep the dress and that shorter hemline! I also discovered there’s a frumpy pant length and I own a pair.

      1. What a difference! I really like it with all the sweaters, but think the black belt is more flattering! Diffently a keeper.

  3. All cute outfits! I can definitely see a difference. Your posts are very inspirational. I have tons of clothes but when I go into my closet, it’s weird – I can find nothing to wear! Hahaha! I just need to plan better at night because I am definitely always in a hurry in the mornings. Where did you buy those jeans that are rolled up in the post with the peach shirt & sweater? I have the worst trouble buying jeans! I am short 5’1 and my midsection is big. They are cute!

    1. Lori, I know what you mean! I could never find anything to wear, even though I had a lot of clothes. What really helped me was making outfits and taking pictures so I could remember them. I actually use an app, which I will blog about one day soon. The jeans are the BEST IN THE WORLD for people who are short and have a large waist (like me). I bought several colors last year. I checked and they are on sale now! I know you will love them. Let me know if you get them, and how you like them.
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