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This summer has been a busy one for us! After returning from our awesome trip to Alaska, we had only a few days before we were on the road again….this time to a conference in St. Louis. My husband attends this particular conference every summer, and it is always in a different city. Sometimes I tag along, as I did this year.

Since I have attended many times, I knew what to expect. He is working all day, and I am in the hotel room all day. Sometimes I have planned ahead and figured out how to go places and do things, but this year I decided to just hang out and rest. After four days of resting, I am glad to be home, but had to hit the ground running to finish preparing for the annual cousin camp that I host every year. More about that in another post, but this year there will be seven little ones between the ages of two and nine!  Wish me luck.

Back to St. Louis…..even though it is basically down time during the day, there are activities every night, so I had to have outfits, of course. And you can’t just walk around the lobby of the Ritz Carlton in cut-offs and a tee shirt, so had to actually get dressed every day.

Since I really had nothing to do, I actually spent some time one day making up outfits and photographing them.  This was, of course, after I had spent several hours binge-watching reality TV shows with the curtains drawn to make it as dark as night in the room. Hey, gotta make the most of vacation time! It was great.

Here are some of the outfits I made up with what I had in my suitcase:

White pants, navy sweater, summer outfit

DSC_0467 (273x640)

Look at the cute black and white shoes from H & M.  $7.00!  And I bought the jeans on sale at Belk for $11.00.

DSC_0472 (279x640)

DSC_0469 (277x640)

DSC_0475 (248x640)

I told you I had time on my hands! But I always love playing dressup.  Here is the last one. This is what I wore to the Cardinals game.

White pants, navy top, summer pants outfit

I would love to know which outfit you like the best. Don’t look at me…just judge the outfit. Would you wear any of these? I would also like to know if there are any you don’t like and why. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I have lots more ways to mix and match, and will just make up something else if you don’t like these.  Thank you, and look forward to your feedback! If you don’t want to comment on the blog, you can email me at

Sorry the pictures are not that great. The ones with the flash always turn out a little blurry.

Also,  I posted another black pants outfit. Up to 14 now.


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24 thoughts on “MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS”

  1. I am amazed how many different looks you achieved with the same pieces. Great Job! I would wear any of them proudly!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda. Just lock yourself up in a room for a few days with some of your clothes, and you too can make up outfits. 🙂

  2. Love the dress and those shoes really elongate your legs. Are they comfortable? I’d be curious to see them with the last outfit you picked for the Cardinals game. Love the jeans! Have fun at cousin camp!

    1. Hi Judy,
      Thanks! The shoes have really chunky heels and are pretty comfortable…not for major walking, but fine for most occasions. Uh oh, I think I need to go shopping. I agree the white jeans outfit would look better with some higher shoes, but the top is navy and the shoes are black, so I probably NEED some navy shoes. LOL

  3. I thought the dress and the shoes are stunning. I like black with aqua pants, your necklace pulled it all together. I love your use of accessories to complete the outfit.

    I have decided to take your challenge . . . .twenty dollars. I will send you the results to your email.

    1. Great! I will look forward to seeing the results. FYI, the black dress was $8.00, and the shoes were $10.00. I told you I am cheap!

  4. Like them all. Took the twenty dollar challenge today. Got a $26 necklace for seven dollars a one hundred dollar Ralph Lauren shirt for fourteen dollars fifty nine dollar shoes for seventeen dollars and a seventy two dollar sweater for ten dollars. Like your way to shop!!!

  5. I love the black top in the second picture. Of course you look great in all the pictures. I never wear anything without a sleeve and I don ‘t do belts.

    1. Thanks Joyce. It is one of my old favorite tops. I rarely wear sleeveless, and the only reason I wear belts is to make a fake waist! And you always look so cute in your FB photos!

  6. I love all your outfits especially the one with the coral and green and then the one you did for dressing up to the game. You are about my heighth and I think I should start getting ankle pants to make my legs look longer. When I go with a full leg pant, they take over because I’m so short. Thanks for all these ideas. I am going to print them out & put them my book of outfit ideas. Thanks!

  7. I love the black jacket, green pants and white tee the most. With that beautiful necklace. Thank you so much for linking up and mentioning my blog! 🙂

  8. I love how versatile those teal pants are! I never would have imagined it. They look great every way you paired them. It is like a whole different look when paired with black than it is with white. And I love the contrast with the coral shirt. And that black tunic is right up my alley! I actually love all of these styles you have shown here. Well done! I would love for you to join my On the Edge of the Week Link Up which goes live every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST.


    1. Thanks, Shelbee. I had a hard time talking myself into buying colored pants, because I had no idea what to wear with them, but now I love them!

    1. That is an old favorite that I bought at JC Penney a few years ago. There was only one left and my daughter and I had to toss a coin to see who got it! If you find one like it, let me know!

  9. Many thanks! The last outfit is actually navy and white…my favorite combination, but it is hard to tell the difference between navy and black in the photos.

  10. Sounds like a great way to spend 4 days to me…better than being home alone! My favorite outfit is the last one. It’s very elegant and I love the top. I also like the 2nd picture from the top. That gorgeous necklace just ties the entire outfit together.

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