Hair! It is something that almost all women think about. Should I grow it out? Is this the right color? Should I go gray? (NO) How often should I get it cut? And on and on. We all know that a “bad hair day” can mean a plain old bad day.

Having a dated hairstyle is one of the main things that makes us look older. Are you still wearing the same style you had in high school?  Please say no!

I bet you can guess the decade of each hairstyle below. If your hairstyle still looks like any of these, it is long past time for a change!

Sixties 2Sixties 1Seventies 1Seventies 2Eighties hair 1Nineties 1


I don’t claim to have the world’s best hairstyle, but I can tell you that it looks a lot better on me than some other styles. I found this out when I tried one of the virtual hairstyle sites.  Oh my!  It was so funny to see how the exact same picture of myself looked so different with different hair! If you are thinking about changing your look, I encourage you to try it. There are many out there, but here is a link to one that I have not actually tried.

In my next post, I will show you some of the hairstyles I “tried on”.  I hope you will enjoy laughing at my efforts!

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