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frump-y   (of a woman or her clothes) dowdy and old-fashioned. Synonyms: dowdy, frumpish, unfashionable, old-fashioned, drab, dull, shabby, scruffy.     Powered by Oxford Dictionaries   Oxford University Press

I hope that does not describe you! We are all guilty of looking frumpy at times, but it should not be an everyday thing. No one needs to look that way on a regular basis. No matter what size, shape, or age you are, you do not have to look  drab, dull, homely, old-fashioned, or shabby.

I learned to dress in more flattering styles by reading blogs and fashion magazines, watching makeover shows, and photographing myself in the mirror with my iPhone. There is nothing like seeing a picture of yourself to see what kind of an impression you are making!

This started several years ago when I was packing for a vacation. I was having a hard time deciding what to pack, because I really did not want to see bad pictures of myself. My husband likes to take a lot of vacation pictures, and I dreaded seeing bad ones, so I got the bright idea to photograph outfits ahead of time to make sure they looked okay.

One reason I dreaded seeing them was that whenever I see a bad picture, I never wear that outfit again! Maybe that’s why I like to buy inexpensive clothes.

I can’t believe I am doing this, but hopefully these bad pictures will help you. Here are some example of ways to look frumpy.  Do NOT copy them!

Wear clothes that are not flattering and show your figure flaws:

Frumpy clothes, unflattering

Wear clothes that are old-fashioned looking and too long:

Frumpy dress, unflattering clothes

Wear shirts that are too small with boxy jeans:

Frumpy, shirt too small, jeans, unflattering clothes

Wear unflattering shirts AND wrinkled clothing:

Frumpy clothing, unflattering, shorts

I could post a lot more (like some of my old vacation photos), but that’s all I can stand to look at for now! I hope you get the idea.

You can look frumpy if you wear clothes that are too big, or too small, or that have been in your closet since the last century. Don’t laugh…I know you have something from 1999 hiding somewhere in the back…hopefully hiding in the back and not set out on a chair to wear to work tomorrow!

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15 thoughts on “HOW NOT TO LOOK FRUMPY”

  1. I hope it’s okay that I laughed, well, hooted, at these pictures! That dress!! Hahaha! It’s amazing how much younger and trimmer you look in your actual fashion choices. I know exactly what you mean by dreading the vacation pics.

    1. Hi Judy,
      I am glad I made someone laugh! I think I will try to style that dress with some other accessories and see if I can make it look better. If it does, I will do a post. If not……it will go to clothes heaven (Goodwill). Thanks so much for your comments.

  2. You are indeed a brave girl! I have PLENTY of those type photos, and some of them are actually on my blog. Lol! I look back over the past 8 months and will cringe at some of the outfits I put on there. What was I thinking? You are a real inspiration, and you show that you can look great and not break the bank at the same time. Thanks for linking-up today

    1. Believe me, Tania, I could have posted some that are a lot worse, but this is as far as I go! I haven’t yet caught up on all your posts, but I doubt if any are cringeworthy. Style is definitely a journey, and sometimes it just depends on the mood you’re in. Even if you don’t love every outfit, there is something about it that you probably love. And even if an outfit is not perfect (no such thing anyway) it can inspire someone to do something similar. Thanks!

  3. Unfortunately I saw myself in several of those frumpy outfits
    I am on a mission to “dump the frump” and was happy to find your blog. You have the same philosophy I have about spending money on clothing. Although I do spend more on shoes and handbags. My Mom always said you could tell if people had anything by looking at their shoes. And we all know that our Mothers are always right

    1. Good morning Patti,
      So glad to hear that you are on a no frump mission. Don’t get discouraged. It takes awhile, and lots of trial and error. And bad shoes can ruin a good outfit, for sure! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Awesome post!! Now we need to know how to make our “under” clothes work for us so that we don’t feel the need to dress frumpy. 🙂

    1. I will leave that for another day, and you will be happy to know that there will definitely NOT be photos of me in my underwear. Thanks!

  5. Visited from “50 is Not Old” and quickly became a new follower. Don’t mind spending money on good quality basics, but I have a difficult time spending $150+ on a pair of jeans. Looking forward to your next post. Have a great day.

  6. Visited from Tania’s “50 Is Not Old” and became a new follower. Looking forward to your next post. Have a great day!

  7. I think you posting those did a tremendous service to those of us over 50 ( and under)! I think it will help to see what not to wear. I love those posts because you can really see what kind of mistakes we all make with our clothes. I would never judge and all you have to say is don’t do this and try this instead. You are a brave lady and I give you lots of credit!

  8. Thanks, Debbie! I hope my trials and errors can help others not to make the same mistakes. I know I learn best by seeing examples.

    1. I answered you last comment, but here it is again.:-) You will love them.
      These are the best ever! I have them in 3 colors. At least some colors were still available at Macy’s when I checked last week.
      Style & Co. Pull-On Cuffed Boyfriend Jeggings, Only at Macy’s

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